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My name is Angelo.

site maker

This is my passion

I cut colored gemstones since 2001.
I offer several services to the Jewelry industry such as:
1. Restoration,
2. Custom faceting,
3. Cabbing,
4. Concave,
5. Carving

It's all about Gemstones

Have a look at my Video Collection about gem cutting 
learn some interesting aspects about Jewelry trade and curiosities.

And if you are a gem cutter, have a look at my useful online gem weight calculator
to estimate your results using only a few measurements!

Be part of a cool experiment.

On 2009-09-01 I released 3 sealed bottles in the Adriatic sea.
Each one contained a little message containing this web address and a few instructions to partecipate to the experiment.
Enyone will find one of the 3 bottles is invited to E-mail me mentioning name, position and date of retreival, circumstances and the secret password found enclosed in the bottle.

I'll reserve a dedicated area to publish the information of the various trips of the bottles and the partecipants to this cool Experiment.



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