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Choose Unique Wedding Bands
by: Sher Matsen
Youíre in the market for your wedding rings. You've put alot of thought into them, and you don't want the plain bands everyone else is wearing. You want something different, more unique. Hereís some ideas to toss around.

You can have custom bands done by a jeweler. You could pick a theme thatís important to both of you. Or you could just choose a style and design you both like. When you choose your jeweler make certain he is creating a one of a kind set for you and then disposing of the mold. Otherwise, your unique bands wonít be unique for long. Choose a design and style that fits your likes and lifestyle. It will give a hint of your personality and make your fashion statement!

You can choose a different mix of metals. Titanium has become very popular, as has stainless. You might find something a little different in these metals. They wonít be truly unique, but they wonít be common either. You can also choose from white gold, platinum, gold, sterling, and a host of mixes.

Celtic bands have become very popular, offering a host of various celtic knots. Dragon bands have also gained popularity. There are some very unique and unusual Celtic Bands on the market. They are works of art with plenty of history tied to the designs.

Engraving on the bands has become very popular. In the past one might engrave something on the inside of the band, but these days inscriptions are being engraved on the exterior as well.

Wanting to engrave them, but donít want them to say the same old thing you always see like your wedding date, or I love you. Then come up with your original saying or inscription. Something that is important to you.

Here are a few more unusual inscriptions you might want to consider. Amor VIncit Omia [latin Ė love conquers all], Now & Forever, From This Moment On, Mon Coeur est a vous [French Ė my heart is yours],

If your looking for something funnier try Ė Nonrefundable, All sales final, Or I canít return him/her I lost the manual. Something simpler, try your wedding date with your initials, how about the title of your wedding song, or the title of your favorite song, My best friend, Love is Eternal. Symbols work nicely also.

Uniqueness is dependant on you as a couple. By this time in your relationship you know what is special to both of you, so choose a theme and go with it!

About the author:
Sher from Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry, and wedding help. Please visit us at

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