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The promise of Engagement Rings!
by: Mike Yeager
Engagement rings have many different combinations available today. Various types of metals and stones are for the choosing. Couples are choosing from “traditional” to “contemporary” styles, whatever style best fits their personalities.


Engagement rings have varying cuts and carat weights of diamonds. Diamonds as small as ¼ carat or as large 2 carats and above may be selected. The weight of the stone depends upon the couple’s price range and preference. However, not everyone is choosing diamonds. Some engagement rings and wedding rings now feature cubic zirconium as the stone of choice. Choosing cubic zirconium allows for the “diamond look and feel” without the cost. Couples that choose cubic zirconium as the stone may do to complement their other jewelry. Often times, though, this stone is chosen to allow for more to the ring budget to be spent on the metals.


Engagement rings have many metals available for the bands. Traditional styles often use yellow gold. Yellow gold seems to be the most popular of the metals selected. Yellow gold often complements the couple’s other jewelry, and fits their budgets as well. White gold is also a popular alternative, particularly for those who prefer “less shine” to their jewelry.

Engagement rings may be made from rose gold. The light pink colored metals make for an interesting look, particularly when coupled with a stone of good color and clarity. Choosing rose gold is a personal preference that reflects the wearers’ personality.

Engagement rings may be made from another popular metal of titanium. While titanium is significantly more expensive (often 10 times more than traditional yellow or white gold), titanium will last a life-time. Titanium’s features include long life of the metal, minimal (if non existent) chance of damage/breakage/bending, and good resistance against tarnishing.

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